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Full Mouth Restoration Philadelphia

Replace missing or failing teeth with high end implants using state of the art technology

You can trust our team of oral health professionals to provide the best and most affordable full mouth restoration Philadelphia has to offer. There are times, that depending on your overall oral health, your general dentist may suggest a complete mouth restoration. Our dental reconstruction center is fully equipped to assist our patients with their full mouth rehabilitation and aftercare.

The Independence Dental Group full mouth reconstruction dentist specializes in fixing any problems that patients may have with their temporomandibular joints. Both your gums and jawbone are what help hold your teeth in place so if either of them starts to weaken due to oral disease and decay, tooth loss is a true possibility.

Having a full mouth reconstruction procedure can enhance the strength of your dental structure but can also initiate a healthier mouth, jaw bone, joints, and gums that are overall more resilient.



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Our Full Dental Rehab Solutions

After our patients undergo extensive restorative dental treatment, it is only natural to be in need of adequate full mouth dental rehabilitation. The Independence Dental Group brings together a well-trained and professionally experienced team of full mouth reconstruction dentists and surgeons who are fully dedicated to delivering patient-centered care.

You won’t have to worry about being transferred to a full mouth rehab center as we have a dental reconstruction center staffed with the best aftercare specialists to assist in the healing process o procedures like Bar, Snap-on overdentures, and All-on- 4 implants.

Full mouth reconstruction or restoration often consists of a combination of several distinct treatments like restorative dentistry and prosthodontics for people with severely worn teeth who suffer from gum disease and extensive loss of the structure of your teeth due to cavities and decay.

Even though full mouth reconstruction often requires implant surgery for best results, there are many patients referred who wish to have these types of cosmetic full mouth rehab procedures to help improve their aesthetic appearance. You can trust our highly trained team to rebuild and or replace any or all of your teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Dental reconstruction or teeth reconstruction surgery is used for patients who suffer from cracked, missing, and chipped teeth. If you are missing the majority of your teeth on the upper or lower arches, full mouth reconstruction may be the best solution to restoring your smile. A full mouth rehabilitation procedure or full mouth reconstruction process can be quite complex as the surgeon has to consider the entire functionality and system of a patient’s mouth and oral structure;- taking into account their ability to chew, speak, smile, their joint health, and overall longevity of the end result. Full mouth rehabilitation techniques can be completed on natural teeth, dental implants, or even on a combination of both.

The main and most suggested full mouth reconstruction procedures patients typically undergo are Fillings, TMJ treatment (Temporomandibular Joint) restoration, root canal therapy, dental crowns, , dental implants, inlays and onlays and porcelain veneers

Full Mouth reconstruction steps will start with a general consultation with your dentist where you can discuss your main concerns and overall goals for treatment and rehabilitation. The dentist will then enquire about your overall health, medical history, and other possibly relevant lifestyle choices that could affect you during surgery such as smoking or medications.

Once the dentist gets a full understanding of any pre-existing physical limitations and or anxiety that may make the full mouth reconstruction procedure harder as there would be more sedation needed, they will conduct a final comprehensive, oral, neck and head exam to better ascertain the full extent of the issue so that they can come up with the best-personalized treatment plan.

The 4 main factors they take into consideration are the overall condition of your teeth and gums, the bite alignment, and the esthetic appearance of the teeth. Aside from the initial visual examination, the dentist will take more records and x-ray scans, images as well as impressions of the patient’s teeth, and most importantly take intraoral pictures of the oral cavity which will reveal any other underlying problems that are not normally visible on the surface.

The next step is where the dentist creates a digital design of the current position of the teeth and where they will be once the surgery is completed, giving a full picture of the end result. From there they send the design off to have a 3D model of the possible dental restoration or prosthetics. This is done so that the patient will be able to try on the model to get an overview of both the look and feel of what their reconstruction will be like which will help in the final adjustments of the actual dental implant restoration.

Now that the examination, records, and models have been completed, the dentist creates and explains the treatment plan in detail which can include: Orthodontic treatment, Removal of damaged or infected teeth, Root canal therapy, Periodontal treatment, Placement of dental crowns, veneers, or implants, TMJ treatment, Corrective jaw surgery and Placement of implant-supported dentures. This plan will help the patient to achieve excellent dental and oral health with their new set of healthy teeth.

Although these steps are discussed with the patient, the dentist will make sure to provide a copy of this treatment plan that the patient can review and become familiar with before surgery to decide on how and if they want to proceed and it is also at this time that they will receive an estimate of the cost of the full mouth construction procedure.

Why Choose Our Full Mouth Restorative Dental Specialists in Philadelphia?

Independence Dental Group has the best dentist for full mouth reconstruction and restorative dental specialists in Philadelphia. We provide the highest level of patient care. Our center for dental reconstruction is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide all the necessary x-rays, 3D models of prosthetics that our clients need to make an informed decision about the improvement of their overall oral health.

What sets us apart is our facilities and that our well-trained, professional medical specialists only use the best materials & techniques to complete any dental procedure no matter how complex. We have an on-site lab and CT imaging which will help with the tooth reconstruction cost as we do not have to refer you to multiple specialists for each stage of the rehabilitation process. The full mouth reconstruction cost includes the removal of the unhealthy and decaying teeth, and roots as well as the grafting so there are no surprise fees. State of the art material & techniques. We pride ourselves on being able to provide full dental rehab solutions to Replace missing or failing teeth with high-end implants using state-of-the-art technology. You can trust our independent locally owned practice to provide the luxury dentistry you need at affordable pricing. Call us today to book an appointment because your comfort and trust are our priority.

Frequently Asked Question on Full Mouth Restoration

On average, the cost of a full mouth reconstruction range anywhere from $5,00- $10,000 but that does depend on the condition of your teeth and as it is a procedure that helps address many severe dental problems, the overall cost can vary greatly from patient to patient.

We can work with your insurance provider to develop a more accurate estimate for your full mouth reconstruction procedure as again it does depend on your insurance coverage.

The process of implementing a full-mouth restoration is done over a period of 2-3 visits that include a total of 2 surgeries. The procedure itself takes several hours but the entire process from consultation to completion of the final full-mouth restoration and rehabilitation can take up to 6 months or more depending on the patient.

We offer very affordable pricing and can develop a personalized payment plan based on the procedures you need however your general dentist may refer you to a local community clinic that can offer lower pricing.

Independence Dental group believes that there are 9 integral steps to a long-lasting healthy smile. Starting with the consultation, proceeding to the impressions and design, creating the treatment plan, the removal of existing / old dentistry, eliminating the decay if any, periodontal disease treatment, if needed, the preparation of the dental foundational structure and build-ups, the actual teeth impressions, and finally the creation and placement of the custom restorations.

Not only can a full-mouth restoration improve your overall oral health but some of the benefits of having a full mouth rehabilitation completed are: an improved bite and ease while chewing, addressing tooth decay, increased gum health, clearer speech, a restored facial and lip support, giving you a total smile makeover that is sure to boost your self-confidence.

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Yesterday I had the worst toothache of my life. My regular dentist’s office was closed and with all the crazy stuff happening in the world I didn’t want to go to the emergency room. After searching online I  was fortunate enough to come across the Independence Dental Group. Dr. Steven Gelbart had just opened this new practice which is the cleanest and most modern office I have ever seen. Dr. Gelbart and his staff were accommodating, caring, and treated me with respect. I needed a root canal on an upper tooth, and it didn’t hurt at all! The entire process took an hour and I was able to watch butterflies move across a TV screen the whole time.

I never thought I could enjoy being at the dentist!

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